The Rebel Flag Is Down, In One State,
Now What?

Symbols have meaning and illicit strong emotions. This is a fact. I will not argue that hateful symbols should be removed, but then what? While the media was telling us to argue with racists about something that will have very little impact on our everyday lives, decisions were being made about an even more powerful symbol. The Almighty Dollar.

If you don't know about DuckTales tho, we can't go together.

Real friends talk about money. Not the "I really hate to ask this, but can I borrow..." conversations, but the "Are you investing in X" conversations. A real friend wouldn't want their friend to be broke. So as a friend to everyone reading this, I feel need the need to share two things: 1) As a nation, we're all kind of broke, and 2) It's not really an accident.

The minimum wage is bull sh*t. (Sorry, I'm not sorry.) 2 or 3 dollars above min. wage is still crap, and it disproportionately affects women. Women overwhelmingly take on jobs in the service industry, not because they're "easy," but because that's where the jobs are. Prior to February of this year, for every job that opened at Wal-Mart, a SNAP application was almost sure to follow. Recently I moved to Denver, CO from NYC, and became one of those women.

Now this is the part where I confess that it hasn't been all glitz and glamor. I was working two crap wage jobs (see: 2 dollars above min wage), freelancing, and barely paying for my expenses. My parents had to give me a few pep talks and money to get my hair trimmed. My brows were looking CRAY, and at one point I was dealing Blackjack in the basement of a former mansion, turned event space. Not because I had done anything wrong, but because I wanted to give myself a new start, which everyone deserves.

Enter, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) bill*. While we were appalled at how South Carolina could fly a symbol of hate, Congress was making a decision that could impact the livelihoods of most women in the U.S. I will fully admit here that I am not a political analyst, but I do I know how to read a graph. The truth is, the economic aftermath of the free trade agreement passed during the Clinton administration, known as NAFTA, wasn't pretty, and the Obama administration is gearing up for what some real political analysts are calling NAFTA 2.0.

To avoid sounding like a conspiracy theorist and give you time to check the resources on this agreement and what it could mean, I'll keep this short. My message, and hope for everyone who reads this blog, is to be open. You should trust your heart, but it's OK to check under the bed when you catch your man home early from work. Be down for the cause, but know that it could be bigger than you think and the target could be somewhere off center.

EP Out!

Oh wait, while we're talking about money, I'm just going to go ahead and tip my hat off to Rihanna for the #BBHMM video and all the silly people who got in their feels.

That face you make when you know someone BSing you,
but you bout to get yours...

*The bill itself has not passed in full, but a "fast track authority" was approved in relation to the TPP.

Resources on the TPP Business
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