Why It's Almost Been a Year

It's been almost a year since I have written here. Some of you may have wondered why, some of you may not have noticed, but to get this thing back on track I feel the need to briefly explain. Lists are still popular on the Internet right? Here goes!

That moment when you realize going
"above and beyond" for your job is a bad idea.
1) Bills are real. We'll start with stating the obvious, I was working hard and not smart. This blog has, and probably always will be, a love thing. Very rarely do people pay someone to speak the truth, like this: working harder gets you relatively nowhere. It's a myth, like a good BOGO deal or eating your way slim. Have you read Animal Farm lately? Well, I copped that on Audible, and dammit if a lot of us are not about that Boxer life. If you come across an opportunity to get out of the rat race a little bit fam, take it. Working hard is for horses, not people.

2) Pain is a hell of a drug. Loving yourself is a full-time job, 24/7, 365. You have to work at it. Anyone who says anything else is a damn lie. Sometimes sadness can be seductive, your pity parties seem like a good idea, and you'll live in that mess until you get tired of being less than. Writing from that place can be therapeutic, but that's not what I created this blog for. #NoDrakeSh8t

3) I want to impress you people. It's true. I appreciate every single person who has read a post on this blog ever, and I didn't want to post just anything, especially as the time continued to roll by. I have about 10 posts still in "Draft" mode.

Ruby in Durango, CO4) The Petty Games and Location Reconciliation. In case you missed it, I moved to Denver, CO as a digital media consultant in 2014. Colorado is beautiful. I dated a born-again Christian and a Canna-preneur in the same year. I lived with an "occasional" coke using 40-something, an alcoholic flight attendant, a bald-headed sociopath, and now a fairly normal person who cooks relentlessly, but doesn't take out the trash. (Who doesn't love fruit flies AmIright?) I've thought about relaxing my hair. I've thought about changing my style. I've laughed to keep myself from crying about White liberalism. I once took 3 buses and 2 hours to get beauty supplies. I've found the best M&Ms cookie and ice cream I've ever had, (not in the same place). I grew green onions by accident. I've read people for filth and dismissed them because I recognize abuse when I see it. I've kept a small circle and decided to find something good in almost every day, no matter how odd it may feel to celebrate my natural Black ass. Colorado is beautiful, but the grass isn't always greener, sometimes it's fake.

Besides, everybody loves a comeback right? ;)

If you've had to put something on hold to handle your biz-ny-E, share with me in the comments, or get at me on Twitter or da Gram.



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