About Her

~Black. Millennial. Feminist. Pressure makes a perfect diamond. 

Thank you for your curiosity. Her Diamondback is a site that seeks to bring together millennial women across the diaspora who are beyond definition and labels. This site showcases young womanhood in full, as we continue to fight stereotypes and the challenges we face in a male dominated society. You are encouraged to add your own voice in the comments and on social media. Tell me what you love, what you don't like. Believe that your voice is the strongest weapon you have.

The Narrator

I was born and raised in Athens, GA with a hunger for knowledge and passion for exploration. At age 9, I penned "As the Dolls Turn-" a gripping drama staged in Barbie World. Storytelling is what I do. Poems, essays, and everything in between dating back to 1997 tell my life better than I ever could. If you are on this site you are a Diamondback Woman, or love them to death. You have known passion and pain, you are a source of strength for your family and friends, you are an inspiration. I salute you and thank you for stopping by.

As Seen On...

-The 2014 New Voices Anthology