~Overcoming obstacles is what we do.  Love is who we are.
Mess and Amends is the better formerly titled Her Diamondback blog. You can expect a site that takes you on a journey and hopes to bring together millennial women across the diaspora along the way. If you are beyond definition and labels - or simply tired of them - this site is for you. If you love women like that, this site is for you too. Podcast coming soon!
The Narrator

I was born and raised in Athens, GA with a hunger for knowledge and passion for exploration. At age 9, I penned As the Dolls Turn - a gripping drama staged in Barbie World. Storytelling is what I do. Poems, essays, and everything in between dating back to 1997 tell my life better than I ever could. If you are on this site you are a Diamondback Woman, or love them to death. You have known passion and pain, you are a source of strength for your family and friends, you are an inspiration. I salute you and thank you for stopping by.

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-The 2014 New Voices Anthology

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